Customer Story

Academia relies on Managed by Q for office improvements so they can focus on their growing company and team


To build an efficient workspace and handle last minute projects, Academia depends on Managed by Q.

Academia is a social media and knowledge platform that enables academics, scholars, and other professionals to share research papers and monitor the impact of their research. Founded in the UK in 2008, the company is now located in San Francisco and now has a user base of over 70 million.

As the People Operations Lead at Academia, Kari oversees all aspects of the company’s HR and compliance, as well as their facilities management. She quickly coordinated an office move to a space four times larger than Academia’s last headquarters, which was necessitated by the company’s rapid growth.

With Managed by Q’s help, Kari tackled the office relocation, sublet the company’s former office, and allowed the company to settle into their new space. To assist with operations tasks, she also hired an office administrator from Managed by Q’s administrative staffing talent pool. Working with Managed by Q enables Kari to finish office projects quickly so she can focus on creating a great workspace for her team.

Q: What are some of the ways in which you worked with Managed by Q throughout your office moves and build out?

A: We started our office move process in January 2018. It took us three months to find a new office and then three months to negotiate a new lease. We grew so fast during that time we knew we had to move out of our old office before our lease was up so we didn’t violate the fire code. This meant that we had to sublet our office and do a phased move into our new office. Managed by Q was so helpful throughout the whole process: deinstallation; patching and painting; junk hauling; as well as reinstalling everything in our new office.

I hired movers through Managed by Q, as well as helpers to take down everything that was mounted on the walls in our old office. After they cleared out our entire office, I scheduled junk hauling and a deep clean so we could sublease the space.


I reached out to Managed by Q because I knew they had a vetted vendor network and they really saved me when I needed help with facilities and administrative projects.

Q: How has Managed by Q helped you create great workplace experience for your team?

A: A big motivation for our office move was that we needed to have a more efficient space for our team to work. We needed a larger seating area where people could work together, a greater number of dashboards to display our data, and more quiet spaces to work.

When we moved into our new space we didn’t have a ton of furniture and had the bare minimum of decor. I had Managed by Q hang framed artwork and assemble furniture to help make the office feel more homey. I also hired painters to add color and branding in order to add character to the space. Managed by Q helped make the space more efficient by adding clocks to every room and helping install more wireless access points to ensure everyone could work seamlessly throughout the office.

It’s really helpful to know we can reach out to Managed by Q if we need anything and get quotes and options quickly. When I have a few hours of tasks to do around the space I’ll let them know and they can have someone on site within the week.

Q: What prompted you to use Managed by Q to hire administrative staffing support?

A: The biggest mistake I made during our move was that I thought I could do everything myself. There came a point where it was physically impossible for me to do all the work that was required. I realized there was no way the project could be a success if I alone had to coordinate the move, arrange our sublease, and keep up with my regular administrative and HR responsibilities.

I don’t have a huge network in San Francisco yet, but I knew Managed by Q had a vetted network of vendors and that really saved me. I reached out to Managed by Q, outlined my requirements, chatted with two candidates, gave my feedback, and asked if someone could start right away. We hired Michael, our office administrator, through Managed by Q, as a temp in July and brought him on full time in November. He’s been so helpful to the success of this organization. It was a great choice to hire him full time.


Thanks to Managed by Q, I know I’ll get any office project done.

Q: How has working with Managed by Q made your job easier?

A: The best thing about Managed by Q is that I can contact them and say, “Hey, I need help with this project” and the workplace experts at Managed by Q will let me know what I need. I’ll get multiple quotes to choose from, I’ll choose what works for us, and schedule the service. I like that Managed by Q is a predictable system and that it’s a similar selection process no matter the project.

As a one-stop shop for HR and administration I’m in charge of so many responsibilities that I don’t really have the time I’d like to dedicate to our facilities. Thanks to Managed by Q, I know I’ll get any office project I need done because Managed by Q will have a resource available to do it.

Q: How does your Managed by Q customer success manager help you run your workspace more efficiently?

A: Our Customer Success Manager and I work really well together. He checks in regularly and he even came to our office warming party. I can always shoot him an email with a question and he’ll help any way he can. It’s really important to have that kind of trust in someone when you have a lot of last minute needs. It’s really great to have someone be so responsive and dependable.