Customer Stories

Learn how different companies use Managed by Q to save time and create a productive, inspiring workplace for their teams.

Kelsey, Operations Manager at Wistia

Wistia ensures all employee requests are handled with care with Managed by Q's Employee Helpdesk.

La, Office Manager at Greenhouse

Greenhouse uses Managed by Q to ensure the office stays clean to help create a great employee experience.

Caleb, Efficiency Coordinator at BARK

BARK has optimized the office experience for employees by using Managed by Q's Employee Helpdesk.

Aaron, IT System Specialist at Aviture

Aviture transformed their employee onboarding and IT support processes with Managed by Q's employee helpdesk.

Kari, People Operations at Academia

Academia works with Managed by Q for all their facilities needs so they can stay focused on growth.

Matt, Talent Manager at ?WhatIf! Innovation

?WhatIf! relies on Managed by Q to keep their unique office space clean so they can continue to wow their clients.

Shauna, People Operations at Oden Technologies

While Oden drives innovation in manufacturing, Managed by Q helps Shauna maintain their growing office.

Fernando, Operations & IT at SeatGeek

SeatGeek uses Managed by Q for all their office maintenance needs across their two offices.

Jordan, Office Manager at charity:water

With Managed by Q’s help managing donor events, charity: water kept costs down and contributions up.