Q provides office cleaning and other smart services to help your office operations run smoothly – all managed via an iPad that’s installed for free in your office.

Smart cleaning. At an unbeatable price.

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Q has an exceptional cleaning staff to handle your office cleaning – and your iPad dashboard provides a full overview of the cleaning activities. It shows you exactly when staff has come in and out, and what tasks have been accomplished. Your office manager (or whoever is in charge!) can provide feedback for past cleaning, leave special instructions for the next session, or order an ad hoc cleaning service.

Never run out of necessities again.

Let Q manage your cleaning supplies and necessities, so you never have to worry again about running out of cleaning solutions, toilet paper, paper towels, hand towels, trash liners, or hand soap. Q automatically tracks your previous usage data to predict the right amount of supplies you need for the next month.

on Demand

Whether you need help with assembling furniture, hanging stuff on the wall or just need another pair of hands – you can order professional handymen right from the iPad. Simply tap what you need to get done and we’ll give you an idea of how long the task is going to take. Tap again to order and your handymen will show up quickly and on time.

Supplies Tracker

Q’s Supplies Tracker lets everyone in the office alert the office manager when they are out of stock on stuff – whether that’s coffee, cereal, or paper clips. The tracker puts everything neatly into a web dashboard for the office manager who can see a list of everything that’s needed.

Office Assistant
"Super Q"

If you have any questions around our Q service, you can talk to Super Q – your remote live assistant who is assigned to your office, and hence familiar to you and your space. If you have larger projects, Super Q will send you vetted contractors like plumbers, electricians or carpenters.

Amazing Staff.

You will love our Q staff. They are not only licensed, insured, bonded, background-checked, individually vetted and have at least three years of professional experience – they are also hard-working, friendly and fun. We have put a lot of energy into hiring the right folks, to make sure that you have the best team serving your company.

Our pricing is simple.
You only pay for actual labor.

No monthly fees$0
Free iPad$0
Free Supplies Tracker$0
Live Chat with Super Q$0
If and when needed
On-Demand Handyman$80/hour

Get your office ‒ managed by Q.